SoHo offers Family Office consulting services to UHNWIs, HNWIs, Family businesses, Entrepreneurs to assist them with the strategy, structuring and implementation of Family Office, Governance and Succession Planning strategies.

SoHo works with Entrepreneurs and Family businesses - Whether you are a first-generation entrepreneur, about to handover to future generations, second or third generation looking to protect and preserve the thriving family legacies.

SoHo provides consulting to family businesses in the areas of:

  • Family Office Setup & Structuring: Entrepreneurs and family businesses evolve over time, growing with family businesses and wealth, which may lead to inefficient and complex structures.

    We assist you in identifying the need for a Family Office and setting up a Family Office in terms of initial choice of family office location, identifying the partners in local or international locations. We assist you in identifying the structures which accommodate not only international set-ups, but also comply with local laws and regulations.

    Our expertise also lies in analysis of operational relocation of family office in terms of costs as well as functional perspective. We will help you in selecting the international partners, be it for shared investment platforms/activities or infrastructure solutions.

    The sharing of international best practices stands at the heart of our consulting approach.

  • Vision, Mission & Family Charter: SoHo helps you in defining your vision and value statements for the family and in defining the Family charter - an all-encompassing guide for the family, family office and trusted advisors.

  • Governance & Organization: SoHo works alongside the clients in setting up the governance process and procedures, from simple job descriptions to setting up investment committee/advisory board, drafting internal processes and procedure manuals including detailed succession plans for the family office.

  • Succession Planning: Creating a successful legacy represents one of the major challenges for the family businesses. SoHo accompanies you throughout the succession journey including the development of strategic vision and values, transfer of values from the founding generation and putting in place appropriate structures to facilitate smooth and successful succession process.

  • Investments: Family businesses often look for strong strategic focus and long term basis for investment success. SoHo will assist you in not only in the set-up of proper investment frameworks including investment vehicles, structures and governance, but also investment committee structures which will define your investment guidelines & policies.

  • Philanthropy: Families are seeking to make a difference by investing in newly-emerging fields of impact investing and integrating ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) factors in their investment policy. SoHo advises you throughout various philanthropic endeavors and external causes in the areas of sustainable impact investing. We leverage various experts and partners for structuring and implementation as well as to measure impact through various processes and tools.