We help families realize the vision for the future by providing confidential, custom and strategic advice


Consulting services

SoHo provides family office consultancy services in the following areas : identifying the need for family office; defining the structure of the family office (Single vs Multi vs Virtual); setup & structuring family office; governance planning; succession planning; multi generational wealth transfer; deal flow; direct and co-investment opportunities; joint ventures.

research & analysis

SoHo will provide best practices in the family office space to its clients with its global outreach and connections with peers in the industry and through research.

SoHo will soon launch an investment database platform for family offices and HNWIs

The Platform will provide access to proprietary deal flow among various asset classes across India and abroad, emerging funds in Venture Capital, Private Equity and Impact Investment space to provide access to unique opportunities alongside targeting market return.




SoHo convenes events for Family offices and HNWIs around the globe including its first Family Office Deal Flow Summit in Mumbai. Through events and community building, SoHo aims to facilitate meaningful dialogue between family offices and provide an educational platform to share knowledge, exchange best practices and build lasting relationships.